Giovanni Alberini

  • workthe past work

    A 25 years experience in big multinational companies gave me the posibbility to learn about many kind of business around the world.
  • 2005the Meet

    Meeting horses changed my life, I built my farm in 2005 and since then I never stopped to work around myself.
  • formationTraining

    I spent many months at the farm of Monty Roberts in California. I attended a three years school of coaching and after my exams I became a Life & Executive Coach. I have been studying NonViolent Communication by Marshall Roesenberg for years.
  • studiesStudies

    I am certified as Equus Coach for Koelle Simpson Institute. Advanced in Monty Robert’s Method. Life&Executive Coach
  • Giovanni Alberinithe Figure

    More than certification and diplomas what I think is most importan is my empathic ability. I was so lucky to be accepted and to live in two different herds. One of horses and one of pastore maremmano dogs. I learnt the rules of the herd. I understood the importance of being part of a team empathy that makes invulnerable. I learnt how painful is, sometime, to look inside of me and I felt the amazing freedom that gives the ability to be responsible. I learnt how importanti is to connect to ourself in order to be able to connect to others. I found how powerful that is. I can’t keep the gift I received from my herd just for myself.