The Project


What to expect during an Equus Coaching® session or Workshop?

Many who have experienced Equus Coaching® say that for the insights it gave them, it can feel like years of intense therapy squeezed into a single 20-minute session! Equus Coaching clients are not only able to perceive their own internal patterns in a profound way, but they are also given the chance to practice implementing a genuine shift in their behavior. Within the session they are able to embody the energy of the relationships they yearn for, and as a result, effects are immediate.

The feedback we receive from horses is so direct and honest it leaves people with nowhere to hide. Although this can feel exposing, both the horse and the coach act as compassionate guides to create a safe and open environment for learning.


Cos'è Equus Coaching

Equus Coaching is a dynamic approach to personal transformation that combines world-class life coaching with the timeless wisdom of the natural world. In partnership with horses, Equus Coaches guide others on a profound and personal journey to discover their own true nature and gain a vivid awareness of the patterns that shape our lives and world.

Equus Coaching is: * an immersive learning experience with horses through communication interactions from the ground * a dynamic approach to personal transformation * a profound personal journey to discover your own true nature


Equus Coaching® is all about clients feeling supported to explore their own inner truth as they embark on a journey to re-discover that every aspect of them belongs and is intrinsic to the herd of life.


Why horses?

A horse’s inherent gentle nature, curiosity, and desire to work within a herd or community will cause a horse to seek connection, even with people.

Yet unlike most adults who have been socially trained to form judgments and think in terms of “right and wrong,” horses only reflect the truth of the present moment. Therefore, they will consistently mirror back to a person the variations of the ripple effect their inner dialog is having on them and others in their surrounding environment. Horses are remarkable for their ability to give clear, direct and rapid bio-feedback. This feedback enables the student to deepen their awareness of themselves.

With a 1000+ pound, highly sensitive animal that cannot be coaxed or coerced, both positive and negative communication patterns very quickly become apparent! The way we do anything is the way we tend to do everything. Clients often think they will witness a unique or surprising side of themselves while trying to interact with a horse. What we have found, however, is that when people are excited, confused, scared, frustrated or yearning for acceptance, they typically have the same reaction and use the same life coping tools in all situations. So while they think they are simply interacting with a horse, facilitation helps them identify communication patterns that play out in their friendships, with their intimate partner, or with colleagues at work. As a result, working with horses can shine a spotlight on the key factors preventing clients from forming genuine connections to others and also from establishing a better connection to their own inner truth.