The Story

I founded The Fool on the Hill in 2004. In the very beginning my mission was to help horses to live together with human beings. Time passing I realized that horses were my teachers.

Living in the herd made me changing deeply my relationship with myself and others. After 25 Years working in big multinational Companies, horses gave me the chance to rise my talents in communication, leadership and team building at much higher level.

Months in California at the farm of the “Horse whisperer”, living with wild and abused horses, the friendship with Koelle Simpson started a learning path that led to the actual offer by The Fool of the Hill. It took years of courses to become a certified Life & Executive Coach and Equus Coach in order to be able to share what I learnt from my life in the herd and the long experience in business. Then NonViolent Communicatio by M.Rosenberg showed me that everything I learnt with horses can work also for human beings.

Many years of study, a long trip descovering myself, my feelings and needs. The trip is, sometime hard and painful, and, at the same time, amazing. A trip that I was lucky to take together with my teachers, that are looking at me and giving continuous feedback.